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Words Of Wisdom - Managing Director & Principal

Bhat and Bhat Tutorials

Satyaram Bhat

Managing Director & Principal

Bhat and Bhat Tutorials

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Says Nelson Mandela.

We at Bhat and Bhat Tutorials believe in imparting the powerful weapon of education to the youthful minds who can change the world for better.

Quality education grants us ability to fight war on ignorance and poverty. Well qualified and experienced faculty at Bhat and Bhat Tutorials strive hard in imparting quality education to students. Our motto of creating a place for students to achieve success is based on a well-planned, systematic study timetable and methodical teaching techniques. Keeping parents well informed about the various academic activities and progress of their child at our institute blooms the child development. The “Examination fear” in young minds is uprooted with timely scheduled tests, mini exams and mock exams.

Counseling sessions for both students and parents, monthly progress report of student, career guidance, maintaining student profile mark our uniqueness to empower the child’s overall progress.

I strongly believe that education is a collaborative effort that involves committed teachers and motivated students. Further, parents being in loop with us continuously is an added advantage for student’s academic excellence.

Join us at Bhat and Bhat Tutorials, that is a one stop destination for all your educational needs and a place “Where students achieve success”

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